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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Once in a Lifetime

9 Sept 2009 -- 09/09/09

Today is the 252 day of the year.  when added together those three numbers equal ....9.

This is the last time there will be single digits in the month, day and year for the next 1001 years.

To celebrate this once in a lifetime occurrence, try these nine ideas on your own, or share them with friend and family.

1.  Make 9 home-cooked meals this month.

2.  Start a journal, on paper or electronically, and make today the first entry.  Promise to write in it at least 9 times.

3.  Smile at 9 people today.

4.  Buy something with '9' in it.

5.  Write 9 letters or cards to friends and family.

6.  Try to lose or gain 9 pounds.

7.  Set up 9 dates ahead of time with your spouse or partner and keep them.

8.  Pick 9 books you've always wanted to read and make time to read them.

9.  Do 9 things for yourself you haven't let yourself do for a long time.  Get a manicure, go to a silly movie, go swing at a park, slide down a slid--anything you haven't made time for.

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PatrickWB said...

January 1, 2101 will have a single digit in the day, month and year. That's not 1001 years from now.